Service Tips

These tips are intended to familiarize or reacquaint you with the many services that we offer our members.

Service Tip #4 - Individual Business Consultation with Victor or Carmine

Are you having difficulty attracting clients? Want to get on some managed care panels? Take a look at your business plan? Review your Internet presence? Explore your resistance to marketing? Insurance Questions?

Both Victor and Carmine are available at no cost to network members for an individual business consultation in person or on the phone. With over 35 years each of full time private practice, you are sure to get the latest perspectives on building your practice.

Call Victor at 631-928-4114
Call Carmine at 631-928-2825

Service Tip #3 - Social Get Togethers

Every other month we hold a Sunday morning social get together at which members can meet each other in an informal atmosphere and over bagels and coffee, exchange business cards and brochures and get to know each other better. This costs nothing but your effort. It is also an excellent opportunity to practice your networking skills in a safe environment as all of our members are there to meet each other.

Don't miss this opportunity to stay connected with members of our network and keep the focus on your practice.

Service Tip #2 - Our Yahoo Group List Serve

Yahoo Group/List Serve allows for every member to reach the entire network with one e-mail, sharing referrals and information to enhance one another's practices.

If you do not know how to post an e-mail, click on the link to yahoo:

Click on the link on the home page that says "groups".

This will take you to VandW Networking if you are signed up for our group. If this does not come up that means that you are not signed up and you should contact me and I will help you to register.

Click on VandW Networking and it will take you to the page where you can click on "post" and this will allow you to write an e-mail to all of the members. You can share information that may be helpful to your colleagues, inform them of a program or a new service or a group that you may be offering. If you are looking to make a referral to someone in a geographical area or who takes a particular insurance this is another way to reach everyone with a single e-mail.

If you have been only getting e-mails from me and not the members of the network, it means you are not signed up for the yahoo list serve and are missing out on an important aspect of our networking programs.

Service Tip #1 - Our Website

Visit our website and check out all of the information that is available.

  1. Our members link lists many of our members with greater detail than our directory and has links to their websites and blogs.
  2. Our Events page lists the seminars and social get togethers that we will be holding over the next three months.
  3. Our Resources page offers a links to the monthly memos, summaries of our seminars, the info from our work with expanding one's presence on the internet and the tip of the week.
  4. Our Services page has a link to all of the assignments for our intensive practice building program. You can read these, do them on your own time or just let the info soak in.
  5. Our Blogs page with links to all of our members' blogs.
V & W Networking Group are a group of independent practitioners who collectively advertise to enhance community awareness of the treatment options and services available for these issues. Each practitioner is solely responsible for his/her own practice, services and/or products.