We are offering a unique program for private practitioners — whether you are beginning a private practice, expanding one, or already have an existing practice.

This program will be the focal point for therapists who wish to be well networked and would like to learn how to build a non-managed care practice. Those who wish to use managed care will learn to do so without being controlled by its limiting policies. It includes:

  1. Monthly Practice Building and Networking seminars on Saturday mornings
  2. Every other Month Social Networking events to network with colleagues, alternating between:
    • Friday evening happy hours (5:30pm - 7:00pm)
    • Sunday morning bagels and coffee
  3. Monthly V & W newsletter which offers the latest techniques for practice building and an opportunity to present yourself and your background to network members
  4. Opportunity to send out flyer or notice of any program or workshop which you may be offering to our mailing list of over 100 therapists in Suffolk County
  5. Two hours per month of rental space in our building
  6. Mailing address and additional zip code for those who want to offer managed care an additional office listing or wish to expand their services to another office without any of the additional expenses of office furniture or a lease
  7. Free phone or online consultation with either Carmine Angrisani or Victor Goldman to help deal with any practice issues related to business elements such as insurance questions, letters, flyers, etc.
  8. Expanded Directory of all members including their contact information, special areas of expertise, insurance companies and provider networks of which they are a member
  9. Weekly online practice building exercises to keep you motivated and focused on learning the necessary skills and attitude to develop a successful practice
  10. Yahoo Group/List Serve — allows for every member to reach the entire network with one e-mail, sharing referrals and information to enhance one another's practices
Membership costs are $30 a month or one time payment of $300 for one year. If you wish to register for membership or have questions, please contact Victor Goldman at info@VandWNetworking.com or 631-928-4114.

V & W Networking Group are a group of independent practitioners who collectively advertise to enhance community awareness of the treatment options and services available for these issues. Each practitioner is solely responsible for his/her own practice, services and/or products.