The V & W "Monthly Memo" is intended to provide you with useful information from experts in the field they are writing about. These are sent out as emails addressing a specific topic each month.

Here you will find our Monthly Memos from the past. We hope you find them useful.

Michael's Monthly Memo
Utilizing the Internet and technology to promote your business.

John's Monthly Marketing Mailer
Providing insight into the many ways a practice can be expanded using the Internet.

Harold's Helpful Hints
Legal opinions, my opinions and points of interest in the legal field.

Dr. Crew's Functional Fitness Facts
Topics and helpful information on fitness, nutrition, or strength training

V & W Networking Group are a group of independent practitioners who collectively advertise to enhance community awareness of the treatment options and services available for these issues. Each practitioner is solely responsible for his/her own practice, services and/or products.