Jennifer Hoang, LAc

Jennifer Hoang, LAc
201 Liberty Avenue
Port Jefferson, NY 11777

Office: (631) 828 - 8107
Cell: (631) 880- - 2180
Fax: (631) 476 - 4679
Licensed Acupuncturist

Auricular Acupuncture
Gua sha
Various Massage Techniques, Heat, etc.

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Jennifer Hoang had her official training in the United States at the New York College of Holistic Professions and in China at the Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her first hands-on experience began at the age of seven when she and her brothers apprenticed under their father during their escape from Vietnam as the "Boat People".

Starting at this early age, Jennifer witnessed the undeniable effectiveness of acupuncture in the jungles of South Vietnam and Malaysia. Observing and helping her father successfully treat severe conditions amongst the malnourished refugees in harsh environments where modern medical aid was not available, Jennifer learned to embrace the ancient art of Chinese healing.

Recently, Jennifer relocated her private practice from Manhattan to Port Jefferson, NY and Stony Brook, NY. She was a member of the teaching faculty at the New York College for Holistic Professions in Syosset.

Jenniferís approach is preventative, holistic and individualized. Treatments are usually a combination of acupuncture,†acupressure, ear acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, moxabustion, exercise, meditation, Eastern nutritional recommendations, massage, and the use of†essential oil. She performs all treatments without the involvement of any technicians or medical assistants, and treatments are typically forty five minutes to one and one half hours long.

All techniques and equipment are New York State approved. Jennifer specializes in the area of womenís health including healthy pregnancy and child birth, allergies, insomnia, pain, and emotional imbalance. Those who are needle shy find Jenniferís treatments pleasant, gentle, and without the need to overcome the fear of needles.


Thank you for that wonderful acupuncture and massage that you gave my back and shoulder last week. Before your treatment I could barely stand up straight and could not find a comfortable position. After the magic you performed I had pain free nights sleep. A week later my shoulder is still mostly free of pain. Also thank you for being such a caring practitioner.
Nettie S., Retired Nurse, Huntington NY
Jennifer is an incredible healer and practitioner. I have been treated by Jennifer for many years for various reasons ranging from stress to an irregular menstrual cycle to sports-related injuries. I have never felt better than after one of her treatments. Her kind and calm spirit combined with her expertise and enormous knowledge of this Eastern Tradition has made my experiences with her nothing less than exceptional.
Corinne Craig, 22 yrs old, Graduate Student at Columbia University, NYC
I truly miss my weekly tune up with Jennifer, since she relocated her practice from New York City to Port Jefferson. Her treatments were a source of peace and rejuvenation that kept my systems strong and in balance.
She has a warm touch and extensive knowledge in traditional Chinese medicine. Being an acupuncturist myself, I have found her treatments exceptional and deeply healing!
Kimberly Salshutz, Acupuncturist and Reiki practitioner, Manhattan NY
Jennifer was the first acupuncturist I went to. I had very acute sciatica and nothing had helped. Even though I was very sensitive to needles and a bit frightened she made me feel comfortable. Her treatments cured me of my problem. As a yoga therapist I have referred clients of mine to her for a large variety of conditions. Go see her!
Brandt, Yoga Therapist, Manhattan NY
You are the only acupuncturist that in the almost ten years I am doing this has been able to get rid of my issues 100%, anyone else I ever tried was only able to help me heal 20% at the most. I tell everyone all the time ... ;)
Akos, Professional Photographer, NYC
I now consider Jennifer Hoang my primary care physician. She is the first clinician I seek for advice if I am having a symptom of poor health. I trust Jennifer to diagnose my condition and provide effective treatment or to refer me if she judges that my condition requires another practitioner. In addition and unlike care from an allopathic or osteopathic physician, Jennifer is improving my overall health and well-being, not simply treating symptoms.
Karen, MPH, PhD, Professor of Public Health, SUNY Stony Brook Health Science Center
Afraid of needles and doubting that acupuncture actually worked, I went to Jennifer as a last result. I am a graphic designer and my right thumb was frozen with arthritis. It made working on the computer awkward and painful. After several treatments the flexibility came back to my thumb and it was pain free. That made me a believer! Now I go to Jennifer for 'general tune-ups' for my whole body because I know her treatments and her advice keep me flexible and healthy. Jennifer's gentleness, her knowledge and her experience make her a true and gifted healer.
Richard Darby, Graphic Designer, AfterHours Web & Graphic Design

Rates: Initial Visit: $120; Follow-up Visit: $85 (rate varies for seniors and for children)
Payment accepted at time of service. Upon request, paperwork will be provided for insurance reimbursement (Out-of-Network Acupuncturist).

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