V and W Networking Group is dedicated to building a community of independent mental health and allied professionals who are committed to supporting one another in the development of their practices.

Our primary goals:

Break free of managed care's control!

While we recognize the reality of managed care's influence upon our profession today, we strive to help our members practice free of managed care's control of our relationship with our clients. Our approach is two-fold:

  1. Find and develop the latest in mental health services for our clients to provide the best service possible
  2. Find and develop cutting edge approaches to marketing
Ultimately, this will allow us to practice free of managed care's control and the limitations it places upon our income.
V & W Networking Group are a group of independent practitioners who collectively advertise to enhance community awareness of the treatment options and services available for these issues. Each practitioner is solely responsible for his/her own practice, services and/or products.